Viennese audiences had the opportunity to listen to a very remarkable concert tonight: The Vienna debut of the worldwide acclaimed pianist Zoya Shuhatovich!
From the first tone, everybody knew this was going to be a unique event! Ms. Shuhatovich is a truly magnificent artist. She masterfully controls the keyboard and makes the instrument produce magical sound-effects! The melody always has a singing quality, the harmony is perfectly balanced, and the sound is always "agreeable to the ears", as Mozart would put it. Substantial piano, without fading, and a full forte, without any harshness!
Ms. Shuhatovich's virtuosity is also to be mentioned; the challenges of the opening Bach-Busoni Chaconne are easily overcome, and the demanding scores of Mendelssohn's Variations sérieuses and Debussy's Estampes are produced effortlessly! Then, there is the aspect of coherence: Throughout the complex and at times repetitive structures of the Chaconne and the Variations, the organic continuity of the musical flow is never lost. Eventual tempo modifications are always happening in a comprehensible way, without any arbitrariness! Schubert's A major sonata suggesting infinite melodic lines, three delicate Chopin Mazurkas and the latter's waltz in E minor as an encore rounded off this thoroughly convincing performance!
We want Zoya Shuhatovich sharing her artistry with us again as soon as possible!

Professor  Stephan  Möller


June 4, 2022





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